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Cabin 135, A Memoir of Alaska

by Katie Eberhart

Cabin 135 is a house that was built for the Matanuska Colony. Living there for many years, the author became fascinated with the accumulation of layers. The house anchors this book, a collection of threaded stories, to a particular plot of landscape in the Matanuska Valley. 

Whether semi-tamed garden, national park, or forest, nature meanders through the stories in this book. As does memory, that thread that ties each of us to our past. The terrain of this book includes garden and yard, but also more distant places where enticing moments offer insights to how we live and survive. 

Cabin 135, A Memoir of Alaska by Katie Eberhart forthcoming from University of Alaska Press in 2020.

In Print: “Vanishing Acts” and “Overture to Castelfidardo”

Much of my writing is framed by journeys, whether a walk at the edge of the Pacific surf (Vanishing Acts) or travel to the Pigini Accordion Factory in Italy.

Vanishing Acts, a poem, is included in the Fall 2014 issue of Windfall, A Journal of Poetry and Place. Windfall does not archive material online, but single copies can be ordered for $7.

Last spring, When my husband and I were planning a trip to northern Italy, we hadn’t planned to travel south along the Adriatic Coast and we had no idea that the birthplace of accordion manufacturing was in Italy’s Marche Region, east of Tuscany and Umbria and not included in our guidebooks. Traveling to new places, we repeatedly get lost, and traveling to Castelfidardo was no exception. 

Overture to Castelfidardo, an essay, is included in the Fall 2014 issue of Northwest Accordion News (print only).