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July 25, 2015: Nature Journaling Workshop at Metolius Preserve

skipper on thistle

Skipper on thistle at Metolius Preserve

NATURE JOURNALING workshop Saturday July 25, 2015 at the Metolius Preserve (about 12 miles west of Sisters, Oregon ), sponsored by the Deschutes Land Trust. The terrain is flat (easy walking) and we’ll walk about a mile in the shade beside Lake Creek (the emphasis is “writing” not “hiking”). Sign up for this free workshop through the Deschutes Land Trust web site.

What: Nature Journaling
Where: Metolius Preserve, near Sisters, Oregon
When: July 25, 2015; 9:00-noon

Limited to ten participants.

Register online at or by telephone with the Deschutes Land Trust: (541) 330-0017

With registration, you’ll get an email reminder and directions to the Metolius Preserve

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June 6, 2015: Nature Journal Writing Workshop at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve

Indian Ford Meadow Preserve

Hike and Writing Workshop sponsored by the Deschutes Land Trust: 

The best place to write about nature is outdoors, in nature. Please join writer, Katie Eberhart, and birder, Carol Wall, for a morning of walking, learning about birds and bird habitat, and writing at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve. We should see hummingbirds and pygmy nuthatches, and other summer-resident birds, learn about the birds’ habitat needs—from forest to stream, and discuss strategies for translating a sense of nature onto the page.

The walking at Indian Ford Meadow is easy and the distance will be less than a mile.

What: Nature Journaling at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve
Where: Indian Ford Meadow Preserve, near Sisters, Oregon
When: June 6, 2015; 9:00-noon

Workshop limited to ten participants.

This workshop is free but sign-up is required. Register online at or by telephone with the Deschutes Land Trust: (541) 330-0017

With registration, you’ll get an email reminder and directions to Indian Ford Meadow Preserve

There will also be a nature journaling writing workshop, sponsored by the Deschutes Land Trust, at Metolius Preserve on July 25, 2015:

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In Print: “Vanishing Acts” and “Overture to Castelfidardo”

Much of my writing is framed by journeys, whether a walk at the edge of the Pacific surf (Vanishing Acts) or travel to the Pigini Accordion Factory in Italy.

Vanishing Acts, a poem, is included in the Fall 2014 issue of Windfall, A Journal of Poetry and Place. Windfall does not archive material online, but single copies can be ordered for $7.

Last spring, When my husband and I were planning a trip to northern Italy, we hadn’t planned to travel south along the Adriatic Coast and we had no idea that the birthplace of accordion manufacturing was in Italy’s Marche Region, east of Tuscany and Umbria and not included in our guidebooks. Traveling to new places, we repeatedly get lost, and traveling to Castelfidardo was no exception. 

Overture to Castelfidardo, an essay, is included in the Fall 2014 issue of Northwest Accordion News (print only).


How Tiny the Grass Seeds, a poem

My poem, How Tiny the Grass Seeds, appeared in the Summer 2014 — Sticks & Stones — issue of Elohi Gadugi Journal.

How Tiny the Grass Seeds

Easy to over­look in a museum fea­tur­ing
a repli­cated Viking boat. The Quern was not ​
wood mas­ter­fully shaped into curv­ing sides
with upswept prow and stern.

Even as we walked on the wooden deck
of the museum Viking boat, the Quern stone,
behind its shield of glass, was pro­tected from us
as if it was a moon rock, that might be taken
simply because someone wanted to hold
a piece of the moon. Or (in the case of the Quern)
to feel the stone once used by a woman Viking

scraping and grinding tiny seeds—
smaller than wheat or barley—into flour.

A friend told me she grew Amaranth
and Quinoa—grasses—but cleaning the seeds
by hand got the best of her.

How would grass-flour taste?
Sweet? Dry? Bitter? Would you count the seeds
you needed to plant next year?
Fiercely protect the seeds to be certain
your kids had food? And the Quern?

Pack the stone each time you move.

Field Notes Writing Workshop Saturday August 23, 2014

Reminder: my “Field Notes” Writing Workshop at the Deschutes Land Trust’s Indian Ford Meadow Preserve is tomorrow, Saturday August 23rd, 9:00-11:00. There is no cost (same as all the Land Trust’s guided hikes and outings) but you need to sign-up through the Deschutes Land Trust website—

The limit is ten and, as of Friday morning, there were a few slots left.

My short essay Writing Personal Field Notes at Land Trust Preserves is up on the Deschutes Land Trust website.



Upcoming: Radio, Library, & Outdoor Writing Workshops

Wednesday August 6 at 9:00 am: Tune in to KPOV ( in Bend, Oregon for The Point. I’ll be reading a couple poems from Unbound: Alaska Poems and visiting with show host, Valarie Gervais.

Sunday August 10 at 2:00 pm: Deschutes Library, Second Sunday Know Local Authors. Thirteen local authors were selected for this event. I’ll be reading poems from Unbound: Alaska Poems. 


Register now for my Field Notes Writing Workshops at the Deschutes Land Trust’s Metolius Preserve  (Saturday, August 9, 2014) and at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve (Saturday, August 23). These workshops are free but registration is required, either through the Land Trust’s web site or by calling the Deschutes Land Trust in Bend, Oregon at (541) 330-0017.

The Word Is Field: Featured Poem at Daily Dose of Lit

The Palouse near Rosalia, Washington

The Palouse near Rosalia, Washington

What is it like to travel through the Palouse in far-eastern Washington state? In late summer the wheat-growing landscape has a particular grand tableau ambiance.

The Word Is Field, from my Palouse collection, appeared 5/6/2014 as the featured poem on The Daily Dose of Lit blog.


Notes & References

Wikipedia: Palouse

Photo credit: Katie Eberhart

Abandoning Chronology – a guest blog at 49 Writers

Matanuska River Overlook

Matanuska River Overlook

Abandoning Chronology, was posted April 23, 2014 at 49 Writers. In this mini-essay, I explore some effects and possibilities of wind, both real and imagined.

My other blog posts at 49 Writers during April 2014:

1. Deleted Morsels
2. Digressive Travel
3. Common Life

Blogging at 49 Writers–Digressive Travel & Common Life

The second and third installments of my April guest blogs have been posted at 49 Writers.

Digressive Travel (4/9/2014) includes musings on travel and metaphors, and will transport you (briefly!) to the MacKenzie River in the Canadian Arctic and the Matanuska River channel in south-central Alaska. 

In Common Life (4/16/2014), I consider the question “what triggers ideas for writing?” and traipse across some of my writing terrain, from Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, lilac blooms, and picking tomatoes to moose and icy roads.

Of course, common life is what we notice and experience every day. Or is it?

My first post was Deleted Morsels (4/2/2014). The fourth and last of my guest posts will appear on the 49 Writers’ web site next week, on April 23rd.