Accordion Arrangements*

Composer, Mark Greathouse, has posted several of my arrangements of his compositions on The SMP page for each piece includes a description, preview of the score, and a recording.

Copy Cat – Accordion Duet

Copy Cat – Accordion Quartet

Copy Cat – Quartet for 2 Violins, Flute and Accordion

Copy Cat — Quartet for 2 Violins, Flute and Accordion is by turns lightheartedly playful, somber, and meditative. Variations touch on jazz, gypsy, and orchestral themes. The accordion provides rhythm and low register support. The violins draw out the themes often quite hauntingly but also with a section of lighthearted pizzicato. The flute part alternates between high melodies and mid-range countermelodies. This arrangement of Copy Cat is an intermediate piece that is entertaining and fun to play. 

Clown Dance – Accordion Trio

Kidding – Accordion Duet

*It’s strange to be mentioning ensemble music when “Zoom” meetings have replaced in-person rehearsals. We are, however, looking forward to better times in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Accordion Arrangements*

    1. katie eberhart Post author

      Thanks, Val! Glad you like these pieces. A lot of Mark’s compositions have a ragtime feel to them.

      In 2017, Copy Cat Duet was published in the Northwest Accordion Society Newsletter. They asked for a recording and I’m the only one playing. I recorded the duet as separate tracks and then combined them. Didn’t realize that playing duets by yourself would become the new normal in 2020.

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