Walking into a Poem — a writing workshop

Walking into a Poem
A writing workshop with Katie Eberhart at the 2014 Oregon Poetry Association Conference. Bend, Oregon. 9:00 – 11:00, Sunday April 13. 

“A Poem is a Walk”   – A. R. Ammons

“Poetry is written from the body as well as the mind, and the rhythm and pace of a walk can get you going and keep you grounded.”  – Edward Hirsch

Walking – and writing – around Bend. Depending on the weather, we may walk as far as Drake Park and Mirror Pond (a straight line distance of 4 blocks) or we may wander over to the Deschutes Historic Society, the library (with lovely frescoes of poetry), then to Drake Park where there’s a big-wheel logging artifact and Mirror Pond. Again, assuming lovely weather, we’ll stop along the way to sit and write – yes there are benches in the park and across from the library or, if the weather is too chilly to write outside, we’ll spend more time at a tea or coffee shop.