Field Notes: A Writing Workshop in the Metolius Preserve with Katie Eberhart

When:  Aug 09, 2014 from 10:00 AM until Noon
Where: Metolius Preserve, Oregon
What to Bring:  Paper/notebook, pens/pencils, and, if you wish, a lightweight chair or pad.
Rating: Easy, ~1 mile walk. 

Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Katie Eberhart to explore the Metolius Preserve with the pen of a writer. Walking the land can be a great way to heighten your senses and feed your writing. Walk with us to see and hear more acutely, feel the fresh air, and smell new aromas. Then, through field notes, capture the specifics of a place that may later help trigger or contribute to poems, essays, or fiction. Writing exercises, discussion and optional sharing are all part of the process. Registration opens 1 month prior to the event.