• Field Notes: A Writing Workshop in the Metolius Preserve with Katie Eberhart

    When:  Aug 09, 2014 from 10:00 AM until Noon
    Where: Metolius Preserve, Oregon
    What to Bring:  Paper/notebook, pens/pencils, and, if you wish, a lightweight chair or pad.

  • Walking into a Poem — a writing workshop

    Walking into a Poem
    A writing workshop with Katie Eberhart at the 2014 Oregon Poetry Association Conference. Bend, Oregon. 9:00 – 11:00, Sunday April 13. 

    “A Poem is a Walk”   – A. R. Ammons

    “Poetry ...

  • Past Workshops

    Planting Mania: Poetry, Memory, Nostalgia Writing Workshop. Northwest Poets’ ConcordNewport, Oregon, May 4, 2013. 

    Landscape to Mindscape: Among Waterfalls. Rainier Writing Workshop alumni gathering at Silver Falls State Park (November 2012).

    Landscape to Mindscape, Finding Your Writing Territory. Northwest Poets’ Concord, Newport, Oregon, May 2012 .

    After School Drop-in Class: Journal-writing. Twice a week during April 2012. ...