Accordion Arrangements*

Composer, Mark Greathouse, has posted several of my arrangements of his compositions on The SMP page for each piece includes a description, preview of the score, and a recording.

Copy Cat – Accordion Duet

Copy Cat – Accordion Quartet

Clown Dance – Accordion Trio

*It’s strange to be mentioning ensemble music when “Zoom” meetings have replaced in-person rehearsals. We are, however, looking forward to better times in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Accordion Arrangements*

    1. katie eberhart Post author

      Thanks, Val! Glad you like these pieces. A lot of Mark’s compositions have a ragtime feel to them.

      In 2017, Copy Cat Duet was published in the Northwest Accordion Society Newsletter. They asked for a recording and I’m the only one playing. I recorded the duet as separate tracks and then combined them. Didn’t realize that playing duets by yourself would become the new normal in 2020.

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